Zen Pencils: Ira Glass

This is a fantastic little webcomic from Gav over at Zen Pencils that came out today. A wonderful little tip to all budding artists.


The message is so simple it can seem pointless to express it and all that message says is Don’t give up! But it’s a message that becomes easy to forget over the constant screw-ups and perceived failures that all budding artists suffer from. All it can take is a misdrawn line that ruins the grey values of a person’s cheekbones or using the wrong colour for an undercoat and one can forever decide they’re never going to be a real artist.

This is what I hope to help prevent with this site (even if I am terrible at updating and writing and drawing myself). The assumption that your art is magical and instant, and if you can’t draw something good the first time then clearly you don’t have the talent and should quit immediately. This line of thinking is something that we all end up thinking at many points in our life, and it will destroy you. Don’t let it conquer you. Revel in the crapiness of your current work. Slowly trudge up the pile of crap you created beneath you. Sometimes you’ll sink further down and you’ll wonder how you’ve somehow gotten worse. But keep at it.  The top of your pile of crap will have reached that line you’re aiming for, and you’ll start getting good without even noticing. This is a good thing. It means that even when you’re awesome you’ll still be trying to improve (just try not to get bogged down in the negativity of it all).

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